About us

Prys was founded after an epiphany. It had been a few years apart for Boaz Lantsman (CEO) and Alex Olifirenco (CTO) since their second startup together. During this time, Boaz developed some expertise in Shopify app funnel and growth and Alex in APIs and complex SaaS b2b infrastructure. Both were itching to start something new together and began checking some ideas.

After several Shopify apps as clients for Boaz and a realization of how much it sucks that you can’t attribute your subscriptions to their sources, it was clear that this was a problem worth solving. Inspired by the likes of Appsflyer, who managed to bridge disparate data sources for end-to-end tracking in the mobile app downloads space, the founders tried to crack end-to-end attribution for Shopify apps. After some time, an epiphany served as a starting point and lead to another good idea and another and another, until there was a proof of concept on real data.

Four developers and several months later, the product is now being made available to a group of ~30 apps Beta tester apps.  Following some fine-tuning, Prys will soon be released to all Shopify apps.

We are excited to be building the ultimate Shopify app growth platform. Our business philosophy is to provide much value for free, with some premium features reserved for customers with advanced needs. Our first release is a free, retroactive end-to-end Shopify app funnel attribution and analysis platform. There are many more free and premium tools for Shopify app growth planned.

We would love to play a role in your app’s success!

Boaz and Alex

Co-Founders, Prys

Boaz Lantsman,

Co-Founder and CEO

Alex Olifirenco,

Co-Founder and CTO